On-Site Field Trips

On-Site Field Trips

Come visit The Bug Lady and her animal friends for a 1.5 hour field trip!  At our facility your students will learn about habitats, animal’s diets, and animal biology, with tons of interesting and fun facts. The field trip consists of 15 minutes hands-on exploring, 1-hour presentation with The Bug Lady and her animal friends, and then 15 minutes of exploring prior to end.  This is a wonderful opportunity to expose children to animals and to allow for up close viewings and an opportunity to handle several of them. These programs are sure to entertain! It is a fun time for all- especially the animals they LOVE the attention!

Days/Times: Monday- Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm

Contact us directly regarding evening field trips for school or troops.

Program Rates: 1.5 Hours- $75 for up to 25 children/adults ($3 per person over 25 children/adults)

Please Note: All children 2 years old and up, adults, siblings, and parents are counted.  Teachers and bus drivers are free. We have seating for up to 30 adults.