About Our Hive

about us


The Bug Lady Science Academy was an accidental business formed in 2008.  Carrie Tiemeyer turned a love of animals and children into tons of fun and learning for all ages.    

After teaching Kindergarten for a few years, Carrie Tiemeyer decided to take her 60+ classroom critters and try something different. Not sure what was on the horizon she knew she missed educating children about her critters.  For a year or so she would visit fellow teachers and let their classroom children have hands-on interactions with her critters.  The children loved it and with encouragement from teacher friends a very unique business was formed.

So this accidental business turned into something magical.   Since that time she has visited over 692 schools, does an average of 388 birthday parties a year, and sees close to 20,000 children a year.  Her classroom critters have grown as well from 60+ to over 150. 

The Bug Lady, aka Carrie Tiemeyer, feels honored to connect people of all ages with her critters.  Seeing wonder in a child’s eyes is a pure magical thing and leaves a lasting mark on them.

Once asked by a 6 year old child if she was a rich person, her response was, “Being rich is not about money.  It is about loving what you do in this life.  I get to play with kids and animals all day.  What more would a person want?”

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”