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Established 2008

our history.


ug Lady Science was formed in 2008 when The Bug Lady turned a love of animals and children into tons of fun and learning for all ages.


After teaching Kindergarten for a few years, The Bug Lady decided to take her 60+ classroom critters and try something different. Not sure what was on the horizon she knew she missed educating children about her critters.

For a year or so she would visit fellow teachers and let their classroom children have hands-on interactions with her critters.  The children loved it, and with encouragement from teacher friends, a very unique business was formed.

Once asked by a 6 year old child if she was a rich person, her response was, “Being rich is not about money. It is about loving what you do in this life. I get to play with kids and animals all day. What more would a person want?”

-The Bug Lady

So this accidental business turned into something magical.   Since that time The Bug Lady has visited over 692 schools, does an average of 388 birthday parties a year, and sees close to 20,000 children a year.  Her classroom critters have grown as well from 60+ to over 150.

The Bug Lady, feels honored to connect people of all ages with her critters.  Seeing wonder in a child’s eyes is a pure magical thing and leaves a lasting mark on them.

our location.


7230 EAST 29TH ST N

Our facility is not open to the general public. All visitors attending events are welcome during the hours of your scheduled event.

If you are not currently attending our Early Learning Center and would like to visit our facility, please call or email to reserve a tour.

(316) 734-6606

meet our worker bees

our staff.

You can rest assured that your children will have a daily connection with teachers,  who all share the love of what they do.  Each member of our staff has a long history of teaching young children, along with the skill necessary to understand and overcome the challenges of teaching.  Your child will receive instruction, as well as many hands-on opportunities to learn through self-discovery.

Carrie aka Bug Lady in Wichita KS holding a pet rat


The Bug Lady has been in the Early Childhood teaching field for close to 16 years. After teaching Kindergarten for several years, she decided to take her 60+ classroom animals home to try something new. Missing children and seeing them enjoy her animals she started to ask teacher friends if she could come and bring animals to their classrooms. After about a year teachers she didn’t know started calling her. Finally, after the first year, her husband said you should start charging for your programs. She thought that it was a long shot and that no one would be willing to pay for these programs. She was wrong… She started The Bug Lady’s Science Academy business in 2008 to connect her love of animals and children. 


mrs regina director at bug lady science academy



Mrs. Regina has been teaching for close to 15 years with many different age groups. Her favorite being Early Childhood Education. She has her degree in Education and is currently working towards her Masters in Education. She comes to us with the love of science and the importance of children using critical thinking skills. Her goal as our Director is to make this the most unique program around. She has done a fabulous job! We could not live without her!

teacher at bug lady science academy standing with two children



teacher reading book to children at preschool at bug ladys science academy in wichita ks



preschool teacher with children in wichita ks



picture of office manager at bug lady science academy


office manager

teacher standing behind preschool student



preschool teacher helping students in class



teacher smiling while kids are learing days of the month



grandma bug lady sitting with two children at bug lady science academy

grandma bug lady

Mrs. brown

harrison rescue dog wearing black and red check sweater


rescue dog


now enrolling
summer & fall 2019

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