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Established 2008

our history.


ug Lady Science was formed in 2008 when The Bug Lady turned a love of animals and children into tons of fun and learning for all ages.


After teaching Kindergarten for a few years, The Bug Lady decided to take her 60+ classroom critters and try something different. Not sure what was on the horizon she knew she missed educating children about her critters.

For a year or so she would visit fellow teachers and let their classroom children have hands-on interactions with her critters.  The children loved it, and with encouragement from teacher friends, a very unique business was formed.

Once asked by a 6 year old child if she was a rich person, her response was, “Being rich is not about money. It is about loving what you do in this life. I get to play with kids and animals all day. What more would a person want?”

-The Bug Lady

So this accidental business turned into something magical.   Since that time The Bug Lady has visited over 692 schools, does an average of 388 birthday parties a year, and sees close to 20,000 children a year.  Her classroom critters have grown as well from 60+ to over 150.

The Bug Lady, feels honored to connect people of all ages with her critters.  Seeing wonder in a child’s eyes is a pure magical thing and leaves a lasting mark on them.

our location.


7230 EAST 29TH ST N

Our facility is not open to the general public. All visitors attending events are welcome during the hours of your scheduled event.

If you are not currently attending our Early Learning Center and would like to visit our facility, please call or email to reserve a tour.

(316) 734-6606

meet our worker bees

our staff.

You can rest assured that your children will have a daily connection with teachers,  who all share the love of what they do.  Each member of our staff has a long history of teaching young children, along with the skill necessary to understand and overcome the challenges of teaching.  Your child will receive instruction, as well as many hands-on opportunities to learn through self-discovery.

Carrie aka Bug Lady in Wichita KS holding a pet rat


The Bug Lady has been in the Early Childhood teaching field for close to 16 years. After teaching Kindergarten for several years, she decided to take her 60+ classroom animals home to try something new. Missing children and seeing them enjoy her animals she started to ask teacher friends if she could come and bring animals to their classrooms. After about a year teachers she didn’t know started calling her. Finally, after the first year, her husband said you should start charging for your programs. She thought that it was a long shot and that no one would be willing to pay for these programs. She was wrong… She started The Bug Lady’s Science Academy business in 2008 to connect her love of animals and children. 


In January of 2011, she opened up a small 650 square foot Facility in Valley Center, Kansas. Within eight months her business was taking off, and now she was out of room. In September of 2011, she then moved to west Wichita, Kansas in a 2400 square foot facility and called that home for close to 4 years. In November of 2014, she moved to east Wichita in 2500 square foot facility and expanded in 2016 to add a half day preschool to her programs. 

In May of 2017, she added another 2500 square foot to her current facility to add a full-time Early Learning Program. Currently, she has done about 692 different schools (we have stopped counting) and on average does 388 birthday parties a year. She has gone all over the State of Kansas and as far as West Virginia doing programs. 

She has a “Critter Corner” show on KPTS- PBS and will be doing more segments in the future. Although her degree is in Early Childhood Education and not animal science, she often says that “animals and Kindergartners are basically the same thing…” She might be right… What she has learned about animals is hands-on experiences with tons of research.  Being an animal lover helped as well. Her journey started when she was young. At eight years old she was featured in a local newspaper telling about how she rescued baby birds until they could be released. She was known all through childhood to have some kind of pet at any time. Little did her parents know that was just the beginning of her journey.

Recently she bought 2.5 acres of land near 37th and Oliver in east Wichita. Her dream is to expand and to build a new facility with unique building features that will accommodate her many different educational programs and numerous events. Once built she will be able to add more programs to her already long lists such as school-age field trips, camps, classes, home school groups, and teacher training. Along with these program additions, she will also add other facets of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) science to her curriculum taught by science educators. What she has envisioned for her new facility will have no comparisons locally and possibly nationally. 

With close to 300 animals now she is looking to add new additions once her building is built. Some of the new features will be indoor observation bee hives, tanks with freshwater Sting Rays (children can feed), several greenhouses so children can learn farm to table education, huge Aquaponics indoor system, outdoor animal area, more indoor interactive animal displays, a huge natural based learning playground, and the list goes on and on. Although this project is a huge endeavor, it has been thought out very carefully for a year and a half with the right team of Architects, Builder, and local educational visionaries that always think outside the box. She is so honored that Wichita has been her home and has welcomed her with open arms. It has been a dream come true to have such an awesome job! She would not change it for a minute! She is beyond excited to share her unique educational vision with all her buggy-friends!

mrs regina director at bug lady science academy



Mrs. Regina has been teaching for close to 15 years with many different age groups. Her favorite being Early Childhood Education. She has her degree in Education and is currently working towards her Masters in Education. She comes to us with the love of science and the importance of children using critical thinking skills. Her goal as our Director is to make this the most unique program around. She has done a fabulous job! We could not live without her!

teacher at bug lady science academy standing with two children



Mrs. Ariel has been in Early Childhood Education for over five years. She brings a strong academic nature with her and loves teaching ABC’s and 123’s. She has a strong knowledge of what it takes for Kindergartners to succeed and strives to get children ready for those challenges. Children love her kind and caring spirit along with everyone that meets her! We are lucky to have her on our team.

teacher reading book to children at preschool at bug ladys science academy in wichita ks



Ms. Jessica has been in Early Childhood Education for over eight years. Her love of toddlers can be seen from a mile away. She is in our transition room with our 2.5-year-olds. This age group can be a challenge to some, but for Ms. Jessica, she is a pro like no other. We could not ask for a better teacher for this age group!

preschool teacher with children in wichita ks



Ms. Nit has been in Early Childhood education for close to 10 years and would not change a thing. She has worked from a range of ages from toddler to Pre-k. She loves the inquisitive nature that children have. She takes pride in fostering this love of discovery. With her creative ability, we are very fortunate to have her.

picture of office manager at bug lady science academy


office manager

Ms. CJ is our lovely Office Manager. As a former Preschool parent of the Bug Lady, she enjoyed all the happenings here that she decided to stay. We like to say we could not get rid of her, but that just would not be the truth. We all depend on her for keeping us organized and on task. Our staff loves her very much!

teacher standing behind preschool student



Ms. Chasiti is new to the Early Childhood field although she is not new to working with children. Her love of children started while growing up with 10 sisters. Living in Dallas she worked 2 years with Developmental Delayed children. Living on a farm as a child grew her love for animals as well. Her family had a wide range of typical farm animals, but she thinks “Larry” the Llama was her favorite. Her journey then took her through 4 years of working for Kansas State Parks and Tourism. We are excited that her love of animals and children brought her to us. Joining our team to help with teaching our Animal Education Program and to help with maintaining the upkeep of our animals. Currently she is training as an assistant to the Bug Lady in our Animal Education Program. Learning all aspects about teaching in this wonderful world of animals to our children. She has almost completed her Biology degree at WSU all while working towards a second degree in Psychology. If being a super awesome person was not enough, she has a love for Yoga and will begin running our current Yoga program.

preschool teacher helping students in class



Ms. Zoe has been in education for over 5 years. She began her career at Americorp working with at-risk children for 3 years. She transition to an Early Childhood career 2 years old and is loving it! Although toddlers are her favorite she does enjoy working with a wide range of age groups. It was natural for her to join our team due to her deep love of all animals and children. Being here allows her to do animal education with our children and help with maintaining our animals as well. She is currently working on her degree in Biology and hopes to teach one day in that field.

teacher smiling while kids are learing days of the month



Miss Debra’s dream has always been to work with children and has found that Early Childhood Education is the best place to be. She has been in this field for six years and would not change a thing. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and has recently obtained her KDHE Director’s Approval. She comes to us from working mainly with toddlers and has transitioned well to older three-year-olds. Her ability and her energy while teaching cannot be compared. To be honest, she has to be the happiest teacher on the planet with her constant smile of loving what she does. Her students and their parents love her enthusiasm and the dedication she has for her job. She is a vibrant addition to our staff here at Bug Lady, and everyone simply adores her boisterous personality.

grandma bug lady sitting with two children at bug lady science academy

grandma bug lady

Mrs. brown

Grandma Bug Lady aka Mrs. Brown has been in teaching for over 30 years. As a former 3rd grade teacher she once had the Bug Lady in her class. During a parent and teacher conference, the Bug Lady’s dad asked her out on a date. She has been the Bug Lady’s stepmom for 31 years, and she would not change a thing. She is well known with children of all ages as Grandma Bug Lady. The love that children have for her is simply amazing. Aside from children adoring her our staff does as well…especially the Bug Lady! The Bug Lady drags her on most of her critter adventures. She is well loved by many.

harrison rescue dog wearing black and red check sweater


rescue dog

One of our staff members will also remain very special to everyone. Harrison our rescue pup is always here to love on all of our kiddos. He happens to be the only staff member we have that sleeps on the job and loves belly rubs… Since coming to us in 2015 our hearts have been full with all the joy he brings us and everyone he meets.


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