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Our birthday parties are a buggy-fun time and a hit with all ages!  Come celebrate your child’s special day with the Bug Lady and her animal friends!  Our parties are a blast for all your guests…and they might just learn a thing or two! 

about our parties

Our age appropriate birthday parties are unique and are setup to entertain you and your guest.  Upon arriving your guests will get to explore our critters from tarantulas to birds. Several critters children will be able to touch.

After exploring, your guests will be entertained with a 45-minute to an hour presentation (depending on the age group of the children in attendance) with 20+ animals and insects. 

We then will do cupcakes and drinks. You can either bring your own or we have packages where we provide everything! We provide all tableware so no worries packing supplies.  After treats, we will open gifts.

We end the party with a buggy-bang with your child being able to paint with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches on an 8×10 canvas. This one of a kind art is ready to hang and sure to be the envy of all your guests!

Then clean-up is up to us!

party Package rates

2 Hour Party without Cupcakes & Drinks – $250.00 (Includes up to 30 guests)

2 Hour Party with Cupcakes & Drinks – $285.00 (Includes up to 30 guests)

What are the extra fees for parties larger than 30 guests?  A $5 charge per person for over 30 guests (all children over 2 years old and adults are counted in final count). Birthday child and immediate family are not included in the final count.  Please call for info on groups 50 or larger.

What is included in the party package?  All parties at The Bug Lady’s Science Academy include all tableware (forks, napkins, cups, plates, serving tools, lighter, and candles).  

What should you bring?  You may bring snacks, candy, vegetable trays, and fruit trays to your party. We’re sorry, but no pizza can be brought in. If wanting pizza, we will be happy to make arrangements for you. No extra fees are added on to our pizza prices. We order pizza from Pizza Hut.  

how to book a party

Email us: Please include the date and time you are requesting a party. Your email will be returned that day with what time slots and dates that are available. You may call if you prefer that method, but please be advised that with our schedule of going to schools, evening classes, and weekend parties it may be several days before your call is returned. 

Once your dates are picked, you will supply with the following details:

• Birthday Child’s Name & Age
• Contact Phone Number
• Party Package option

You will receive an email birthday party confirmation with additional information for your invites and party guests. We collect a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. If you need to reschedule your date, your deposit can be applied to the new date. If you cancel your party, we ask that you cancel as soon as possible so another family can book your slot.
We order the cupcakes and baked goods 72 hours before your party. If cupcakes were ordered for your party, you would be responsible for the cost of the baked goods. Your deposit will not be applied toward any baked goods orders.


Booking a party for a three-year-old and up is ideal. We tailor the program to accommodate the group as a whole. It is a fun time for any age!

We are sorry, but due to all the events we host, we are unable to give tours before a party. We would be happy to send additional pictures aside from our website picture gallery if needed.

You can book as far in advance as you like. We do tend to book up so do not delay!

The best way to contact us is by email at We are often at events during the week, making it hard for us to be available by phone. When you reach out, please provide us these details: Preferred Dates and then we will check availability.   We will email you back with availability within the day. When we email you, we always give availability for the weekend prior and after the weekend dates preferred. 

If you prefer to talk via phone, we would be happy to call you. Please note calls may not be returned the same day.

Our staff takes care of everything. If someone spills something, we clean it up. Gift wrapping paper trash we pick up. The serving/cutting of the cake, serving drinks, and/or serving food our staff will take care of it. Watching the time is up to our staff and after-party clean-up is up to us too! Please enjoy your guests and have a fun time. Our staff will take care of the rest!

We need the child’s name, age, contact phone number, email, and what party package you want. Please note we do charge a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Spots are not reserved until deposit is paid.

All of our party packages the guest count is 30. All children over two years old and up and including adults are in the count. The immediate birthday family is not included in the count. We do not charge for a few people over due to some parents wanting to stay with their child. There is a $5 fee for people over the count.

We will email out a credit card link to pay the $50 non-refundable deposit. Your party slot is not confirmed until deposit is paid. Once paid we will email out a confirmation with more helpful information about your party. The remainder of the party payment is due at the end of your party. You may pay with cash (we do not have change), check, or credit card.

We provide all the table clothes, bug décor, tables, chairs, and decorations. All of our packages include all tableware (forks, plates, napkins, cups, cake knife, and candles/lighter). Parties also include a pitcher of ice water and bug-juice (Strawberry Kiwi Lime Green Juice), so no need to bring water bottles or other beverages. We also have serving bowls, plates, tongs, and other serving items if needed.

You are welcome to bring balloons or other specific decorations if you like, but it is not necessary.

We would be happy to add pizza to any party package. We ask that you order pizza through us and that you do not bring in your own pizza. We order from Pizza Hut and do not add any extra fees to the price. Fan favorites are one-toppers and hand tossed, but you are free to get whatever options you like. We will email you a day before the party to get headcounts, pizza options, and discuss the number of pizzas needed. You can also decide at that time to not get pizza if your plans have changed.

You may bring in any other food items you like, except for pizza and ice cream. Often people will bring sandwiches, fruit or vegetable trays, chips, popcorn, etc. We have serving trays, tongs, and other items to help with the serving of these food items.

Our lobby doors open 15 minutes before your event. Our studio doors do not open until the party start time. There are no exceptions. Our critters need a much-needed break, and often our floors are just mopped, and the staff is busy preparing for your event

We watch the time to make sure your party runs on time. Our next party is scheduled 30 minutes after your event. Our staff needs time to prepare for other events, and our critters need a break.

We are now offering a gluten free cupcake for those who have a family member or friend who is gluten free. We are currently offering vanilla only. Please let us know one week in advance how many vanilla gluten free cupcakes you need for your party.

Yes, the gluten free cupcakes are $2.50 each and the cost will be in addition to the cost of the party.

Do you have more party questions?  Contact us or use the inquiry form below


Please fill out the details below. We will respond within 24 hours.



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