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Field trips to see The Bug Lady and her animal friends are fun for all ages!  At our facility, your students will learn about habitats, animal’s diets, and animal biology, with tons of interesting and fun facts.

The Bug Lady’s Science Academy is a wonderful environment to expose children of all ages to animals and to allow for up-close viewings and an opportunity to handle several of them.

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At our Science Academy, we inspire children through scientific discovery.  Our program is educational and enlightening.  

Guests will explore all the creatures from tarantulas, insects, birds and reptiles.  There is nothing to fear here!  Not even our special snake, Alfredo.

These programs are sure to entertain! It is a fun time for all…especially the animals they LOVE the attention!

Children of all ages will benefit from our programs.  We offer age appropriate programs field trip programs for the following school aged children.  

  • Preschools and Daycares (2-5 years old or Summer School Age Programs)
  • Elementary School Programs (Grade K – 5)
  • Intermediate School Programs (Grade 6 – 8)
  • High School Programs (Grade 9 – 12)
  • Home School Programs (All Grades)


We host field trips at our facility during the week on the following dates and times, by appointment only.

  • Monday through Thursday
  • Between 9 am to 3 pm
  • Evening Field Trips for Scouts or Troops are available – inquire using our contact form

To inquire about or book a field trip, please fill our contact form.  We will email you within 24 hours with available dates, times and information regarding our facility.

program rates

Your field trip is a 1.5 hours of fun!  The program consists of 30 minutes hands-on exploring,  followed by a 1-hour presentation with The Bug Lady and her animal friends.

  • Up to 25 people, including all adults and children 3 and up  
  • Teachers and Bus Drivers are free and do not count toward group total
  • 1.5 Hour Program – $75.00 and an additional $3.00 per person over 25 people

Please Note: Parents and siblings are also included in the count as well.

Our facility has seating for up to 45 adults and plenty of room for those who prefer to stand.  Children  have a front row seat on the floor for the presentation.

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Yes.  Parents are counted in the total number of attendees.  If your total number of attendee exceed 25 people, a $3.00 per person fee applies.

Yes, siblings are welcome! Siblings are counted in the total number of attendees.  If your total number of attendee exceed 25 people, a $3.00 per person fee applies.

Yes.  Bus drivers are welcome to attend at no additional charge.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer tours of the facility except for attending or planning to attend the Early Learning Center.  We will be happy to send you as many images as you like in advance.

We offer custom programs. Please reach out on the inquiry form on this page and include your request in the notes.  We will get back with you and let you know if we are able to meet your request.

Yes.  We offer on-site programs for all ages.  Feel free to book utilizing our contact form or visit our Educational Programs Page for more details on our program offerings.


Please fill out the details below. We will respond within 24 hours.



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