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The Bug Lady introduced viewers to some of her favorite animals during her syndicated PBS (KPTS) show “Critter Corner.”  Who likes creepy crawlers? Snakes? Rats or even Cockroaches?  Have you ever been interested in knowing why Rats sometimes wear pants or even sunscreen?

Then you have come to the right place! Watch your children’s faces light up as they learn about our critters and adults may even learn a thing or two!

When the Bug Lady began sharing her love of animals in the classroom, she quickly realized that most people were fascinated by all the fun facts they could learn.

The Bug Lady does a great job helping everyone feel comfortable around critters, even those you find a little frightening!

Corn snake

Name: Alfredo

Fun Facts:  He does not have a nose, so he smells with his tongue.



Name: AJ

Fun Facts:  He sleeps 14-16 Hours per day and is very curious.


hairless rat

Name: harry

Fun Facts:  He is wear pants.


orange headed cockroach

Dubia Cockroaches

Fun Facts:  Their brain is near their stomach.


bearded dragon

Name: Desi

Fun Facts:  He can run on his back legs.


kpts fun day 2015

The KPTS Kids club enjoyed an afternoon with the bug lady.

Where's Shane? Halloween with The Bug Lady

It’s October 31st and this morning we’re hanging out with some creepy crawlies.

Shane meets the bug lady

Shane Konicki got to spend some time with The Bug Lady on Eyewitness News This Morning.

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