Why Choose Us

Focus On Academics

Early learning foundations with an emphasis on STEM prepare your child for the future.

Social-Emotional Learning

With self-regulation and empathy skills, your child’s confidence grows and blossoms.

Playtime Every Day

Outdoor play areas keep your child on the move, building muscles and coordination.

Amazing Animal Friends

Awesome daily animal encounters spark curiosity and foster empathy for all creatures.

Unique Enrichment Activities

Art techniques, mindfulness, yoga, and more enrich your child’s learning journey.

Outdoor Learning Fun

Kids explore food and nature while tending to gardens and the resident chickens.

Brightwheel™ Communication App

The classroom is a click away with photos, videos, and updates on Brightwheel™.

Healthy Food Included

A sugar-free lunch and snacks encourage healthy eating at no additional cost to you.

How Old Is Your Child?


2.5 - 3 Years


3 - 4 Years


4 - 5 Years